Ensuring high quality service every time

From order to shipment, it takes a staff of dedicated pharmacists and technicians to make sure you get your prescriptions on time, every time. Here are the steps that make it all happen.


Order entry

RightSource receives your prescription and enters your profile in a secure database. A unique order number is created and after 24 hours, you can  track your order.


First pharmacist screen

A pharmacist checks the accuracy of your prescription against your profile to make sure it is safe to take other medicines you're taking, as well as with your allergies or health conditions.



Once approved, your prescription goes through the processing center to get it filled.


Second pharmacist screen

A second pharmacist double checks your order to make sure the medicines in the bottle match what's on the label and on your order.


Bottle protection

After the final pharmacist approves the order, the bottle containing your medicines is heat-sealed with tamper-resistant foil.



Your prescription is placed in plain packaging to ensure your privacy



Your prescription is shipped to the location of your choice- your home, office, or doctor's office.

How RightSource Works

99% of our orders are shipped within 5-7 days. Reasons for delay may include if we need to talk to your doctor about prior authorization or drug-to-drug interactions. Contact us if you have further questions.

To get better idea of how it all works, check out the video below.

In 2012, we helped 27,341 Patients secure more than $35 million in financial assistance for specialty medications