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If your patients are concerned about their prescription drug costs, are having difficulty getting their prescriptions filled or are interested in a new pharmacy solution, then RightSource might be the answer for them.

How to Prescribe with RightSource

Choose one of three convenient ways to prescribe with RightSource:

  1. FASTEST - Electronically If you have electronic prescribing capabilities, you can transmit your patient's three-month-supply prescription directly to RightSource. Simply choose "RightSource" from the list of available pharmacies.
  2. FASTER - By Phone Call RightSource at 1-800-379-0092
  3. FAST - By Fax Fax the Physician Fax Form to 1-800-379-7617
    RightSource will only accept faxes from Providers.

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    Additional information on why RightSource may be a good option for your patients.
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If your RightSource-insured patient will be using RightSource, please be sure to write the prescription for up to a three-month supply and indicate the number of refills. If a generic substitute is available, and allowed by you, RightSource will dispense the generic medication.